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Better educated managers = better management service

Joel Kownacki, Erin Jones and Lori Graham of Walters Management thank instructor Rick Salpietra, Esq., at the recent seminar.

Joel, Erin and Lori of Walters Management thank instructor Rick Salpietra, Esq., at a recent seminar.

Team Members Lori, Joel and Erin attend the California Common Interest Development Seminar in San Diego in October.  Shown with instructor Rick Salpietra, Esq., both Lori and Joel attended to class in order to meet recertification requirements for their CMCA certifications.  Erin attended in order to expand her skill set in the enforcement of community guidelines.

While Lori has obtained the PCAM® through CAI®, the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) certifies that both she and Joel meet all requirements of certified managers in the State of California.  In addition to requiring attendance at an updated law seminar every five years, Lori and Joel must adhere to CMCA’s standards of professional conduct, complete at least 16 hours of continuing education every two years and stay active in the management of common interest developments.

As the Regional Manager in the South County office, Lori encourages Walters Management team members to participate in educational opportunities in order to strengthen their individual skill sets which translates directly to better service for all WM clients.