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Homeowners Association San Diego

Community Association News: August 2017


HOA Homefront: Are mobile home parks common interest developments?

Q: How is it legal for a mobile home park HOA to be registered with the government as a condominium association? What ramifications does that have on our CC&Rs? We’re having a lot of trouble here and I need help understanding how CC&Rs override my constitutional rights or if they do.

Q&A There are established safeguards that can help ensure a board election is fair 

Question: We are about to have another board election at our homeowner association, and I am concerned about tales I hear about rigged elections at other associations. 

Q&A A board needs time, smarts and a strategy to wisely choose a new management company 

Without fail, after we hired the companies for a set fee, we realized we were getting billed a lot more than what we agreed to. The entire board is exhausted, why can’t we find an honest management company that just does what we want them to? 

HOA Homefront: “Bare walls” or full coverage – insurance brokers weigh in

So-called “bare walls” insurance plans are often discussed in associations trying to limit the cost of water damage claims. In a “bare walls” approach, the homeowners association insurance does not restore unit interiors, but each owner insures (via individual HO6 policy) or pays for their own cabinets, wall and floor coverings and other interior finishes.

Tips for Community Associations

Tips for Maintaining Condo Environmental Systems

There are many things that a Condo Association must look to provide for its Owners.  At the highest level, they boil down to the big three: safety, security, and transparency.

A Bad Condo Association Board Habit to Avoid

Grumpy and petulant Condo Association Board members are devastating in a Condo Association.  Whether you are in a well run – or poorly run – Condo Association can be revealed by many signs.  If your goal is to run your Condo Board more effectively, there are a number of things you can do.  Today is focused on one bad Condo Association Board habit that can easily be broken.