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Community Association News: September 2017

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Tips for Starting a Condo Association Newsletter:

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a good community.  Figuring out how you can effectively communicate, on the other hand, is a challenge.  Starting a Condo Association newsletter is a great way for your community to convey information to your Owners.  The challenge, as with any product, is ensuring you have good, consistent content.


HOA Homefront: Sometimes managers are not allowed to succeed in their roles

Many associations struggle with a poor manager relationship, resulting in a frustrated board or a terminated manager. However, such struggles can sometimes arise from the board’s actions and likewise can be resolved by a change in board practices. 

HOA Homefront: I demand that I be in the minutes (and when will I see them?)

Q: Does the HOA board have an obligation to put homeowners’ reasonable comments, questions and other details in the minutes?

HOA Homefront: Board discussions outside meetings are limited; no email or texts allowed

Q:Our management company recently advised the board that they could no longer discuss any HOA business via group emails in between meetings, even if the emails lead to no decisions or directions. Is that standard in California?

Q&A Making an insurance claim can be far superior to initiating internal HOA litigation

Q: I am a board director for a large association that is plagued with major plumbing leaks, bursting pipes and pressure regulation problems.

Q&A Charging interest on interest on past-due HOA accounts is a no-no

Q: Around eight years ago, the HOA filed a lien on my property because I fell behind on my association dues. After 11 months, I finally paid off the outstanding dues.