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Curb Appeal

Focus On: Curb Appeal

Why is maintaining curb appeal important?

The sole purpose of a homeowners association is to protect home values, one of the key elements to doing so is maintaining curb appeal throughout the community. While it keeps the neighborhood looking nice and ultimately benefits the entire community, it does place responsibility on homeowners for maintaining the curb appeal of their own home. Curb appeal is important as it keeps the community looking aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers. If some neighbors maintain their homes and yards while others do not, it can often deter buyers and even the association’s overall reputation.

Who’s responsible for curb appeal upkeep?

In any HOA, it is the association’s responsibility to maintain the common area, which is why landscaping and other professionals are hired. Homeowners, on the other hand, must take it upon themselves to keep everything within their property looking its best.

What happens if I do not upkeep my property?

Upon the Board’s direction, the community association manager will do regular tours of the community to ensure that everyone is abiding the Rules & Regulations. If homeowners choose not to maintain their property, there are consequences in the form of violations and fines.

What all is considered part of maintaining curb appeal?

There are many factors that go into your home’s curb appeal. This can range from landscaping, painting and even décor. It is important to review your association’s Rules & Regulations so you know what is expected of you as a homeowner. These rules will act as a guideline for maintaining your property.

Associations are meant to ensure that communities operate at their best at all times as the Board is responsible for making decisions with the best interest of all homeowners in mind. Belonging to an HOA provides homeowners with the security that their home will maintain its value. In addition to the Board, it is the homeowners’ responsibility to do their part to the make their community the best it can be.