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HOA News: May 2017


HOA basics: What to know before you buy

Joe Farinelli, president of Walters Management, said, “Homeowners will sacrifice a bit of freedom moving into an HOA if they want to experience the benefits of living in such a community. Make sure your lifestyle is aligned with the rules of the community, and that you can live under these rules.” 

Does a condo seller have an obligation to inform a buyer about a noisy neighbor?

Q: Can we sue the seller for failing to disclose this? Can we sue the board for not doing something about this problem? How do we resolve something like this without looking heartless?

HOA Homefront: Can we skip the reserve account?

Q: Are homeowners associations required to have a “reserve” account, or it is just recommended? — P.P. Rancho San Diego

Condo Life

Basic Condo Association Cybersecurity: 4 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Condo’s Office

Make sure you are following basic cybersecurity tips with your hardware in your Condo’s offices.

Tips to Create an External Condo Association Website

Communication is one of the key elements of a Condo Association.  In today’s day and age, an online presence is becoming mandatory for most entities, and Condo Associations are no exception.

Three Condo Association Project Red Flags

A challenging issue is figuring out what problems are part of the normal lifecycle of a project and which ones are signs of a bad performer.   Here are three Condo Association project red flags that Boards and Management should look out for.