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Long Time Employees Recognized

Spring 2011

Walters held their annual TEAM (Tenured Employee Association Member) Luncheon on Friday, May 13th to recognize employees with more than 5 years of service to the company. Barbara Holt celebrated her 25th anniversary and Barry Burzo his 20th anniversary. This year we had a total of 38 employees recognized with 4 new inductees celebrating 5 years at Walters.

The origination of the TEAM Luncheon began 31 years ago when John Alioto and Bill Borsari wanted to recognize the longevity of employees – a major strength of the Walters team. In recognition and appreciation to the employees, Walters decided to start a luncheon event for those employees who had worked for the company 5 years or longer. At that time the luncheon had 30% of their employees working over 5 years at the company. Currently, 48% of our employees have been with Walters for 5 or more years.