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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & The Community Association's Role

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & The Community Association’s Role 

Maslow’s Hierarchy was defined by the social psychologist Abraham Maslow in the 20th century as being a list of all basic human needs. As seen in the Community Associations Institute’s book Building Community, these basic human needs often tie into the reasons behind joining a high functional community association.


Creating an environment that is not only safe but appealing to live in meets one of the fundamental needs on Maslow’s hierarchy.


HOAs are often safer to live in as neighbors are more inclined to watch out for each other.  Knowing, too, that the Association is staying on top of maintenance for tot lots, pools and spas, trails and other community areas creates a feeling of safety.  There is the additional security of knowing that property will be maintained so that property values are protected.  After all, our homes are our single largest investment.

Belonging and Love

Community Associations often host social events to create an environment that is both fun and welcoming. From neighborhood garage sales to large pot lucks, having planned events by the association allow for a homeowners to become neighbors.

Self Actualization

Members of a community association are often given opportunities to give back to the community at large through volunteering and sponsorship. From neighborhood food drives to scheduled community cleanups, there are both big and small opportunities to help those in need- together!  

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