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Our 4th Annual Charity Golf Classic Was a Success!

Warrior Foundation- John, Sandy Lemkuhler, Toni Bevan, Judy Sexton

Walters Management held the 4th Annual Charity Golf Classic on August 25th, 2015 at The Crosby Club in Rancho Santa Fe. The event was a success as we were able to raise over $46,000 for Warrior Foundation – Freedom Station! Through event sponsorships, a generous live auction, and the enthusiastic participation of our attendees, we were able to meet our goal and give back to veterans who have honorably served their country.

With over 130 in attendance and 14 Warrior golfers, it was a day of fun for a great cause. Sponsor tents were scattered throughout the course so that attendees could mingle, enjoy refreshments, and compete for prizes based on skill. The unexpected, overcast weather was a nice surprise compared to the sweltering heat from last year, allowing everyone to stay cool.

While those who signed up for foursomes were a huge contributing source to the funds raised for Warrior Foundation – Freedom Station, an exciting live auction resulted in large contributions to the organization as well. As is evident by their participation in this event, many sponsors further showed their generosity by donating their raffle prizes to Warriors in attendance and to the Foundation itself. Without all the tournament’s generous major sponsors, Pacific Properties Service, Epsten, Grinnell, & Howell, O’Connell Landscape Maintenance, Pro-Tech Painting, Pacific Green Landscape Inc., and Park West Landscape Management, this event would not have been possible. Walters Management is truly grateful for all those who participated in this event and helped make it a success. 3

The 4th Annual Charity Golf Classic was organized by Executive Assistant, Sherrie McNaughton and President, Joe Farinelli who both devoted their time and effort to making this goal a reality. We are very proud of this year’s success and look forward to the 5th Annual Charity Golf Classic!