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Professional Organization Involvement, a Tool for Excellence


By becoming members of professional organizations such as CAI and CACM our community association managers are able to further develop useful skills, gain access to resources, and enrich their industry knowledge with current information. With many of our team members donating time to these organizations, Walters is able to get a front row seat to important industry insights, changes, and developments.

Walters Management benefits from our team members’ participation on all levels. We integrate these organizations into our business practices at different levels in order to provide the most value to our clients. The first step is the process of certification. OCertification allows us to follow best practices and provide high-quality management services to our clients.

Active involvement also helps our managers hone their individual skill sets. Our North County Regional Manager, Rebecca McDonald, exemplifies this well; “As a member of the Education Services Committee, I think it has a huge effect on my performance as a manager. I am able to share real life situations with the team that allows us to think of creative and useful educational offerings for the managers in our regions to help resolve many of the ongoing issues we face every day.”

The value of professional organization participation cannot be sufficiently emphasized. In order to grow and to expand our knowledge base, we must learn and professional organizations are the perfect outlet for this process. For those of us in the community management industry, it is of the utmost importance to continuously improve in order to provide the highest level of service and meet customer expectations.

At Walters Management we are committed to excellence and, as such, wholeheartedly believe in the continued improvement of our services and our industry. Professional organizations are one of the tools we use to achieve this goal. By making it a priority to engage with professional organizations in our industry, we are able to anchor ourselves as experts in community association management services.