As part of their personal and professional commitment to ongoing education, Walters Management Community Association Managers Lee Leibenson, PCAM® and Lisa

Community association managers Deena and Erika on the last leg of four days of training needed to obtain their CCAM! The CCAM certification meets all State requirements listed in the Business and Professions Code. Deena and Erika are joining all Walters Management community association managers who maintain a CCAM certification. Congratulations!

It goes without saying that our world has changed dramatically in the last 40 years. And those changes are reflected in the operation of community associations,

Great companies build great legacies. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Walters Management also celebrated at its Annual TEAM Luncheon. The acronym TEAM was

By the end of October, Hurricane Sandy had devastated parts of the Atlantic Coast. In recognition of the tragic impact on families, Walters Management offered

Recognizing the importance of volunteer service, WM Team Members are active in charitable organizations and endeavors. The dedication of personal time and

Supporting local youth sports is very important to Walters Management. Team sports teach young leadership skills, establish early habits for life long physical

Walters Management held its first Charity Golf Classic on Oct. 5, at the Rancho Bernardo Inn to benefit Monarch School, a school for homeless children.