The enrichment of community association living requires a balance between responsible management and a neighborly connection to the community and its members. We provide a customized set of capabilities covering the financial, maintenance and administrative aspects of managing a successful community that ensures it is operating at peak potential. To find out more about what we can do for your homeowners association, request a proposal or contact us.

Financial Services — Comprehensive Fiscal Management Driving Sound Business Decisions

Walters Management provides financial services that are driven by four critical characteristics that serve as the foundation upon which to build truly effective fiscal management.

  • Accuracy
  • Clarity
  • Timeliness
  • Transparency

The ultimate purpose of effective financial management is to provide accountability for the receipt and disbursement of funds in accordance with the approved budget and generally accepted industry guidelines. Our program begins with the preparation of a detailed operating budget presented to the Board of Directors for review and approval. Our primary objective is to generate and deliver financial statements that provide the information necessary to compare actual performance with projections, which in turn enables the Board to make sound business decisions.

Maintenance Programs — Driving Value Through Proactive Maintenance

A comprehensive maintenance program enhances curb appeal and positively impacts value and pride of ownership. How a community looks is a primary indicator of the overall health and vitality of an association. A community that implements proper maintenance is also more likely to meet their other obligations, which translates into satisfied homeowners.

To that end, we help develop and implement comprehensive maintenance programs that enable communities to thrive and operate at peak potential.

Administrative Services — Generating Positive, Predictable Results

Walters Management provides a customized set of administrative services for the communities we serve to ensure that we are generating positive, predictable results. These services include:

  • Communication tools that connect members to each other, the boards, management and community service providers (vendors).
  • Easy access to reference material to keep community residents fully informed on community guidelines, financial operations and the essential components and importance of rules enforcement.
  • Effective management support and guidance of Board Members through direct communiqués, educational opportunities and implementation of best practices to adapt to Civil Code changes and industry trends.
  • Organizational and preparatory services essential to Annual and Board Meeting planning and scheduling, preparation of agendas, reports and documents, maintaining minute books and members’ records and otherwise fulfilling the requirements of the associations as a non-profit mutual benefit corporation.
"Walters Management has done an excellent job handling Eastlake I. They are thorough and very knowledgeable in all areas of community management."
Board Member