Walters Management is dedicated to providing team members with the tools and continuing education required to stay informed regarding the latest management techniques and legislation affecting our industry.

This commitment to continuous improvement has made Walters Management the only community association management company in Southern California to carry all three of the most prestigious industry designations (listed below). All of our community association managers have also earned individual industry and professional designations, including Certified Community Association Manager®, Professional Community Association Manager®, and Certified Property Manager®.

Why Credentials Matter — Objective Proof of Excellence

So what do these credentials and designations really mean? Simply put, trust. They verify that we have made a commitment at both the organizational and personal level to be the very best at what we do, following industry best practices, ethics and operational directives.

These objectives, third party assessments help separate industry leaders from less capable firms. They are a stamp of approval indicating that Walters Management and its team of proven professionals possess the capabilities and skills to operate at the highest level in the community management field.

Our Credentials — A Commitment to Being the Best