Commitments Made and Honored

Walters Management has built our reputation on the simple-yet rare-promise to honor the commitments we’ve made to the partners and communities we serve. Community management is ultimately about relationships, and our relationships with homeowners and HOA board members are predicated on trust, mutual respect, and transparency.

We Believe

Community management is ultimately about



Over 100 years of combined property management experience

We Value


Our locally-based community managers are educated and certified, with over 100 years of combined property management experience. By investing in ongoing professional education and certification, our team is constantly improving their knowledge base and staying on top of industry trends—so that we can best advise and assist our clients.

we value

emotional intelligence

People naturally feel emotional about their homes and communities—and our team handles customer interactions with sensitivity, empathy and skill. We instill in our managers the awareness to identify and distinguish between the range of feelings that stakeholders express—and respond in positive, honest and constructive ways.

we value


The Walters Management culture comes from our leadership’s longstanding commitment to truly care for our region, the products and services we offer—and the wellbeing and success of our employees. Genuine respect and sincerity permeate our culture and directly impact how we interact with our clients, customers and partners.

we value


Walters Management focuses on “commitments made and honored” as our simple, yet powerful, mode of operation. We are committed to your community’s safety, organization and success—and we work tirelessly to do what we do perfectly, consistently, and with full transparency.

Local Community

Our local presence means that we understand and respond to the unique needs of the community associations we serve. When you call Walters Management you get local customer care and account managers who are as committed to our region as you are.

Continuous Improvement

Here at Walters, we are obsessed with continuous improvement. We provide our team with the cutting-edge tools, technology and continuing education required to manage our communities with excellence. All our community managers have individual industry and professional certifications, and are up to speed on the latest industry best practices and trends.


Superior Expertise

For 45 years, Walters Management has been providing association and property management services to the dynamic Southern California region. We pride ourselves in the breadth of knowledge and expertise that we offer our clients-helping them navigate even the most complex property management challenges.

Driving Value by Delivering Results