HOA Management Services & Solutions

Effective community association governance requires a balance between consistent procedural management and genuine neighborly empathy for the community and its members. Walters Management understands this delicate dynamic, and provides our clients with a number of customized resources to ensure that a community association is operating at peak efficiency—while garnering the support and buy-in of its members.

Our services cover all aspects of HOA operations, including financial, maintenance and administrative support.

HOA Financial Management Services

HOA Financial Management Services

Financial Services

Walters Management’s financial services are driven by four critical characteristics that serve as the foundation upon which sustainable fiscal management is built:

Accuracy, Clarity, Timeliness, Transparency

Effective financial management aims for transparency and accountability in the receipt and disbursement of funds as dictated by approved HOA budgets–and in keeping with the highest ethical standards. Walter’s fiscal program begins with developing a detailed operating budget that is presented to the Board of Directors for review and approval. Following budget approval, we generate and deliver financial statements that provide at-a-glance comparisons between actual performance and projections—equipping the Board to make sound and timely business decisions.

Maintenance Programs

The communities we serve take pride in the beauty of their surroundings—and Walters is a key partner in maintaining and enhancing their curb appeal. How a community looks is a primary indicator of the overall health and vitality of an association—and a key factor in member satisfaction and pride of ownership. A community that provides timely and proactive maintenance is also more likely to meet their other obligations.

Walters Management helps develop and implement comprehensive maintenance programs that enable communities to thrive and operate smoothly.

Administrative Services

Walters Management provides administrative services tailored to the communities we serve, including:

  • Communication tools connecting members to each other, the board, management and community service providers (vendors).
  • Easy access to reference materials, keeping community residents fully informed of community guidelines, financial operations and rules and regulations.
  • Effective management support and guidance for board members through direct communication and training opportunities—ensuring they are kept abreast of best practices and industry trends.
  • Organizational and preparatory services essential to Annual and Board Meeting planning. This includes scheduling, agenda preparation, reports and documents delivery, maintenance of minute books and members’ records—and otherwise fulfilling the requirements of the associations as a non-profit mutual benefit corporation.

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