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Celebrating Our Vendors

Our 8th Annual Industry Partners Appreciation Night was a great chance for us to show our appreciation to our local service providers. Not only do these vendors give us the opportunity to support the local economy, but also to provide flexible services to benefit all of our clients. This event is one of the ways we choose to show our industry partners that we sincerely appreciate their commitment to providing outstanding service to the communities we manage. It is important to us to take the time to recognize their continued efforts. 

Nearly 150 attendees from 50 different companies, joined us at our San Diego office for an evening of refreshments and fun. As independent vendors, each of these companies has consistently put its best foot forward when working with local community associations to maintain curb appeal, provide emergency services and much more.

Walters is proud to be one of the few management companies that does not require our Boards to work with a limited group of vendors. We also do not ask vendors to pay us a fee to work with our communities. We’re committed to building our vendor relationships based on the great work that each does for the communities. Walters are happy to break the status-quo and make the extra effort to show our industry partners that we appreciate their contributions to our continued growth and success. 

Hoping to see all of our industry partners again next year!