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Community Association News: June 2017

The Most Important Condo Association Documents You’re Not Reading

Most Condo Association business is as exciting as watching paint dry.  Unfortunately, this further extends to most Condo Association documents, as well.  The fact that these documents are boring and often intimidating leads most Owners to ignore them.  These same Owners who ignore documents find themselves shocked and upset when suddenly they are on the hook for thousands of dollars or find themselves in violation of a rule.

Homeowners’ Associations: What to know before joining an HOA

Jill’s biggest point of advice: Check the rules before it’s too late, because you must live by their rules!

Tips for Asking Good Questions at Condo Association Meetings

The monthly Condo Association meeting is one of the most important – yet ignored – aspects Condo life.  Often these meetings are about as exciting as watching paint dry or grass grow.  However, they also offer deep insights as to how your Association is being governed and how your money is being spent.

New Series: Condo Association Board Personalities

Condo Boards are made up of all sorts of people. They come from different backgrounds and may be great at their jobs – or really bad.  Board members tend to have several different types of personalities, which strongly influence how they govern. These styles are typically influenced by their personal backgrounds, professional backgrounds, and life experiences.

How to Avoid Condo Association Lawsuits

Every Condo Owner – and Board – seeks to live in a harmonious community – one where people have great parties and other events, special assessments don’t happen, and things are great. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in.  Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, things go south.

HOA Homefront: Can managers legally encourage association members to vote?

There is nothing wrong, and much right, with HOA directors trying to “get out the vote.” What they should avoid is pushing just one agenda, creating an unfair environment.